Sell your unused SMS and get £10 cash per month for free!

We buy back the SMS you don’t use

Install our app and start earning today!

This app is currently only available in the UK

We send SMS messages via your phone to our service you number will not be sent out to any 3rd parties.

Get paid £10* per month

Value based on Kickback sending 100 messages a day.

Receive your cash pay out via PayPal or your local post office.

We pay directly to you via PayPal at the end of every month.

How It Works

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Outgoing SMS

Outgoing SMS

Outgoing SMS

Outgoing SMS

Outgoing SMS

We put the SMS that you pay for and don’t use to work so we can pay you for the privilege.

Kickback is designed to work seamlessly with your daily life. Our app allows you to sell the SMS you don’t currently use to us. We use your SMS at no cost to you as it sits in your bundle you pay for anyway.

We pay you on the first week of every month and this value can be withdrawn via PayPal or from your Post Office

We have a dynamic payout system based on the volume of messages sent by your phone. You can see the payment value from within the app.

We have a dynamic payout system based on the volume of messages sent by your phone. You can see the payment value from within the app.

A Few Important Things

We do not guarantee incoming SMS

The app does not work for everyone

The app can be disconnected at any time

Start Earning!

There are ways to make mobile communication cheaper and more convenient. Just Kickback!


Debbie Turner
Debbie Turner⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jul 18, 2022
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Your company shows so much transparency. It's great. Most companies online sites similar to what you do don't even respond to customer inquiries.
DarketXY⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Feb 1, 2021
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This app is amazing. Its been running for me over 3 months and I have made over $150. The support is very helpful. I would love to see a "Cashout" button in the next updates.
Duke Durham
Duke Durham⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jan 20, 2021
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I install this app in March, since then I have had no problem with it. And as far as getting paid from it I have had no problem. Although the money is deposited into PayPal or in euros through the PayPal app it is extremely easy to convert the Euro cash into u.s. dollars. I have recommended this app to all of my friends and family. And to the cash out family I just thank you for this app it has been a great help to me and I appreciate customer service and how quickly they respond to any question that I may have. Keep up the good work.
 Angelique Elijah
Angelique Elijah⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Mar 13, 2021
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His has to be one of my favorite money making apps. It's fast, easy to use, has a low payout threshold, and quickly pays out to your PayPal account. I have had the app for about a month and have withdrawn 5 times and received the automatic monthly payment 1 time, for a total of 6 payouts. As for people complaining about it "taking their money" the app clearly states when you are setting it up that it uses intl text credits, if you don't have intl unlimited plan I wouldn't recommend using it.
 Steven Shüler
Steven Shüler⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Apr 18, 2021
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I've been using this app for over 1 year and I'm more than satisfied. The money is automatically paid out to the PayPal account. I can only recommend this app if you have an "International SMS flat". 💸 Flat-International 💸

Questions & Answers

The first thing you need to know is that when you are told you have unlimited text messages on your monthly contract, you don’t! In the small print of your contract, you’ll see something called a fair use policy which caps your monthly message count to 3000.

Typically, the average user will only send a few hundred messages each month (if that!), which leaves you with a couple of thousand messages that aren’t being used on your contract.

The next thing you should know is that it costs mobile phone companies money to send messages, but they can also charge other mobile phone companies money for messages received – each month, phone company A will send a bill to phone company B for messages received and vice versa. So, in an effort to balance things out, phone companies want to generate traffic (i.e. receive more messages on their network) so that the bills they send write off the bills they receive.

In order to generate this traffic, mobile phone service providers will often pay aggregators to help increase the number of messages received from other networks. But, a lot of the time these aggregators will just use software bots to do this, and as a result of the messages not coming from real people, they are quickly shut down. This is where we step in!

Our app sits on your phone and creates a ‘Kickback’ contact in your phone book. Behind the scenes, the app will intermittently make use of your unused text messages to send a message to one of our unique number ranges – this is traffic – and not only that, it’s real traffic, and something that mobile phone providers will pay for. In return, we share what we earn with you to say thanks for letting us use your unused text messages!

Once you have used the app to create your Kickback account, you don’t need to keep it open – the processes will run in the background, sending messages to our servers without disturbing your typical phone usage.

We do, however, strongly recommend you open up your app once a week to make sure everything is still running as expected. Some phone manufacturers stop background phone tasks from running after a certain amount of time to preserve battery life. Whilst Kickback does not have a significant impact on your phone’s battery performance, it may be that the important background processes it relies on are stopped.

You can read more about this and learn about how to stop your phone from killing background processes here:

Once you’re ready to collect your cash, you can click on redeem from your account in the app and we’ll send you a text message with PostOffice cash voucher within 24 hours.

All you need is an Android smart phone and a monthly mobile contract. 

Yep, this is exactly right – you don’t need to delete it!

We make use of your unused text messages each month and behind the scenes our app sends thousands of messages to one of our unique Kickback number ranges in order to generate money for you.

Yes we do! Refer a friend to Kickback from within the app and we’ll deposit £5 into your account for each friend who signs up using your referral link.

Start Earning!

There are ways to make mobile communication cheaper and more convenient. Just Kickback!

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